Korean Society for Nanomedicine

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Article ⅠName


1.1 The name of this organization shall be the “Korean Society for Nanomedicine”.



Article Ⅱ Objectives and Activities




2.1. To advance science and education in nanomedicine, by dissemination and discussion of innovative
ideas to promote technological development and evolution, for the benefit of public health and humanity




2.2 The society shall run the following programs in accordance with the above objectives.

1. Host conferences and forums.

2. Publish journals, books and newsletters.

3. Research and conduct international cooperative activity to promote the field of nanomedicine

4. Conduct related activities



Article Ⅲ  Membership


3.1 The membership shall be composed of the following members.


1. Full membership


Physicians, scientists or researchers possessing an advanced degree


2. Associate Membership


Physicians, scientists, or technologists who are enrolled in accredited training programs or
postdoctoral fellowships


3. Corporate membership


A corporation or other organization wishing to support the mission and goals of the Society through
the donation of unrestricted funds


3.2 Admission, Termination, Rights, Responsibility


1. Any person in accordance with the objectives of the Society may be admitted to membership
after submitting an application.

2. Termination of membership: Termination may be voluntary by giving written notification.

3. Rights and Privileges: The full membership has the right to vote and to be elected an Officer of
the Society

4. Responsibility: All individual members shall pay for admission fee and annual fee.



Article Ⅳ The Executive Committee


4.1 The Executive Committee shall be composed of the following members; the president,
president-elect, director of general affairs, treasurer, director of scientific program, director of
education and training, director of planning, director of external collaboration, and auditor.

4.2 The president and the president-elect shall be elected at the annual general meeting and the
president shall nominate the executive committee members.

4.3 The president, auditor, and the committee members serve for a two-year term.



ArticleⅤ Meetings


5.1Annual General Meeting


1. The Society membership shall meet annually at a place and time organized by the president.

2. The general meeting shall be approved by more than half of the responding eligible members.  


5.2 Meeting of the board


1. The board shall be composed of the president, president-elect, auditor, and the board of
directors, which will be chaired by the president.


2. The meeting shall conduct the following activities in accordance with the objectives of Society:


- Activities relevant to the objectives of the Society

- Agenda for delegated decisions at the annual general meeting

- Budget planning and report

- Finance and accounting

- Bylaws and regulations

- Division of responsibilities



Article Ⅵ  Financial


6.1 Finance


1. The major sources of revenue of the Society will be membership fees and donation.

2. The fees will be used to pay for the general expenses of operating the Society as well as
costs associated with conducting academic and educational program.

3. The Society shall be a non-profit organization.


6.2 Accounting


1. The Society’s fiscal year follows the government fiscal year.

2. The program and budget plan shall be written before the fiscal year, which shall be decided by
a majority vote of the board.

3. After the fiscal year ends, the audited accounts will be reported to the annual general meeting.


6.3 Dues


1. The members shall pay the admission fee and annual dues.

2. The amount of dues and the payment method shall be determined by the board.

3. The dues are not refundable even when withdrawn or disaffiliated from the Society.



Article Ⅶ Amendment


7.1 Amendments shall be approved by all responding eligible members at the annual general meeting.


7.2 Standards


1. Matters undefined in this bylaw shall follow the standard rules.

2. This bylaw shall take effect immediately if approved by the annual general meeting.